Eating on the run? Just Eat Real Food – and don’t go hungry!

These key principles provide a strong foundation for well-being through nutrition, which itself is one of the 5 key contributors to a long life (the others being exercise, no smoking, sleep, controlling stress, and…love). So we learned from Dr Brendan Egan, at the first 2468 Well-being workshops for our own team in Dunboyne, Basingstoke and Warrington last month.

As well as being associate Professor in Health & Human Performance at DCU, Brendan has worked as nutritional advisor for Leinster Rugby and Dublin County GAA.  He finds that his expertise being called on by the business world more and more as organisations realise that their people’s performance can also be driven by how they eat.

Brendan’s talk provided key steps and guidelines for making healthier choices in our daily lives – whether we're desk-based, in production, or on the road. He higlighted some basic principles like Just Eat Real Food (such as your grandmother would recognise), starting the day well with protein and ‘better’ carbs, and keeping an eye on calories. Hydration naturally is important, as we at 2468 know, up to 2L per adult will help prevent thirst being mistaken for hunger, and dehydration.

It’s a fact that eating affects performance daily. But more compelling is the connection between diet – and long life. In fact, by making better choices daily, we can help reduce the risk of chronic disease by a whopping 80%.

This 2468 Wellbeing Workshop was designed to be practical. As Brendan acknowledged, we know that turning around a diet isn’t necessarily easy. This is about making small changes, starting with for example one meal and adjusting it to feature healthier non-processed food. With  small gains like this we can build momentum, and with momentum come larger gains – and ultimately new habits.

We spend 80% of our waking lives at work, so healthy eating during and after working days translates to healthier eating for life – which translates to healthier happier lives. Brendan recommends aiming for healthier eating 90% of the time.  Everyone needs and deserves a treat once in a while too. After all what’s life and well-being without a little joy?

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