Fill - Refill - Reuse and Hydrate

We launched some new official 2468 Merch at a recent team gathering, which was themed around wellbeing and eating & hydrating for performance.


Dr Brendan Egan from DCU's school of nutrition & performance gave a terrific talk about eating on the run. His advice included good tips on hydration. Like nutrition it's about keeping it simple and habitual - in fact laying down practises which can more easily become habits. So if it's '8x8' or 8 ounce glasses, 8 times a day, or the more metric 2L+ a day, the best advise is to hydrate all day, and look for signs of dehydration. In fact if you're thirsty, it seems you're probably already dehydrated.

Our new 2468 re-usable bottles are designed for use all day, in variety of settings, at the desk, in the van in the warehouse. We personalised them with some Sharpie-art too, and left with the key target of drinking three of these bad boys per day to keep ourselves focussed, happier and hydrated.

Re-fill - Re-use and Rehydrate!


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