Quality coffee, fresh air and flexible work spaces top list for UK Office workers

Quality of the coffee offered is the most important office feature for workers across the UK, with two thirds of desk based workers saying a decent flat white or cappuccino is an essential for productivity.

This is according to recent research by coworking developer Areaworks. The research also also found that having access to flexible workspaces are a must for most, as half of office workers want to ditch fixed desks in favour of casual seating and hot desking, making it a top five most favoured feature.

The top five features for workers are:

At 2468 we can help with two of the five - with our recently redesigned coffee stations providing a key focal point for functional collaboration spaces. Plants, balconies and fusball - we'll leave to other experts!

Interested in talking to us about delivering a quality coffee and a hub for collaboration space at work? Just get in touch here, and we’ll call you back.

Originally published on workplaceinsight.net
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