• Coffee at Work: Creating Connections to foster Collaboration

    We’ve been looking into the role for socialisation and social interactions at work. It’s been established that humans are social beings and we operate best when we interact and connect with others. Here’s an insight why, from psychologist Susan Pinker:

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  • Saluto to International Cappuccino Day

    Like every coffee, cappuccino starts with a good espresso. And a good cappuccino requires careful attention so that the ratio of foam within the milk is just right. It’s one of the most difficult espresso-based beverages to make properly, requiring a skilled barista – or a perfectly calibrated automatic coffee machine – to get it right. The perfect cappuccino (or Cappucco’ in Italian slang) is made up of three distinct layers, coffee, hot milk and frothy (not dense) foam.

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  • Eating on the run? Just Eat Real Food – and don’t go hungry!

    These key principles provide a strong foundation for well-being through nutrition, which itself is one of the 5 key contributors to a long life (the others being exercise, no smoking, sleep, controlling stress, and…love). So we learned from Dr Brendan Egan, at the first 2468 Well-being workshops for our own team in Dunboyne, Basingstoke and Warrington last month.

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  • Fill - Refill - Reuse and Hydrate

    We launched some new official 2468 Merch at a recent team gathering, which was themed around wellbeing and eating & hydrating for performance.


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  • Recharge Zone - 24/7 sustenance in an engaging stand

    We're proud of this, a recent 2468 'Recharge Zone'  installation in the UK.


    Our brief was to deliver 24/7 sustenance for an organisation with round the clock operations. We aim to do more. Understanding how the physical environment has a significant impact on employee experience, we designed our stand to bring something more to this employee break room. Clean lines, and quality fit out, with on-stand messaging, mean this stand enhances the space its in and provides a natural hub for refreshment -and socialising. 

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  • Quality coffee, fresh air and flexible work spaces top list for UK Office workers

    Quality of the coffee offered is the most important office feature for workers across the UK, with two thirds of desk based workers saying a decent flat white or cappuccino is an essential for productivity.

    This is according to recent research by coworking developer Areaworks. The research also also found that having access to flexible workspaces are a must for most, as half of office workers want to ditch fixed desks in favour of casual seating and hot desking, making it a top five most favoured feature.

    The top five features for workers are:

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  • A Summers Day Out

    Summer Days Out for 2468 Team

    With four bases spread across two countries it’s hard to get everyone together for a summer party. So instead we sent them on a day out on us – and they’re an intrepid bunch.

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  • Now we're 15!

    2468 is 15 today

    2468 was founded in 2003 by Donal Garrihy and Pete Smyth.

    We’ve grown through a combination of organic sales and strategic acquisitions in Ireland and in the UK. Our mission has been to provide workplace wellbeing, and the services we have developed – in coffee, snacking, water and washroom – provide the foundations for a strong employee experience.

    We’re 15 now. Full of promise with a strong vision for our growth. We have a great team, some with us since the early days as well as more recent recruits joining us from organisations we’ve merged with along the way.

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  • Delivering efficiently and sustainably: 2468 re-certifies for ISO14001 and 9001

    Following a rigorous audit, 2468 has been granted re-certification for ISO 14001 for environmental management and ISO 9001 for quality management. We’re also among the first Irish organisations certified for transition to the new 2015 Standard. This means we now have an Integrated Management System which combines Quality and Environmental management systems into one.

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  • Water has a huge impact on performance, but how to make us drink?

    Current European Food Safety Authority recommendations are that we drink 2 – 2.5l of water each day1. There’s a growing body of evidence that hydration levels can affect performance levels, particularly in visual attention and mood2.

    This is nothing new; health professionals have been giving advice on water consumption as part of a healthy lifestyle for decades now.

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