• Water has a huge impact on performance, but how to make us drink?

    Current European Food Safety Authority recommendations are that we drink 2 – 2.5l of water each day1. There’s a growing body of evidence that hydration levels can affect performance levels, particularly in visual attention and mood2.

    This is nothing new; health professionals have been giving advice on water consumption as part of a healthy lifestyle for decades now.

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  • The beauty in staying still

    Ferns Coffee

    When you're refreshing a brand, what you keep matters as much as what you choose to lose. So, we approached the refresh of our precious coffee brand, Ferns, with care.

    Ferns was established in 1893 as a single roastery in Covent Garden, London. The original founder was emigrant Ludwig Fern, who seized the opportunities presented by Victorian London, and used his passion for the craft of coffee sourcing and roasting, to meet the growing demand for quality.

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  • A new look, for a new vision

    After several months planning and creativity, we’re very excited to share our new brand look. Pictured here, on our spanking new fleet vans in Basingstoke and Dunboyne, this fresh new identity is based on our vision for the next stage in our growth.

    This rebrand journey has taken in several stages. Four, in fact. 

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  • We’ve done it again!

    We’re beyond excited to have been named as one of Ireland’s Best Managed Companies, in the Deloitte Best Managed Companies Awards programme.

    2468 qualified as a Best Managed Company for the first time in 2017. This year we have retained our title, having succeeded in Deloitte’s requalification process to demonstrate continued performance and strategy for growth.

    In total 137 companies with a combined turnover of over €12 billion were recognised as Best Managed Companies in 2018. 

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