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We’re a one stop shop for all your office services: from water and beverages right through to hygiene and clean air.


As well as offering plumbed-in water coolers and bottled water units, 2468 have developed our own exclusive bag in box watercooler solution. Optimum use of space, no maintenance, no hygiene problems: no brainer.

  • Fresh water in a cost effective way

    • Bag in Box Bottled water
    • POU Water coolers
    • Bottled water



Welcome to the world of premium office coffee. 2468 have a range of options for your office or place of business. Whether it’s fresh roast coffee beans or artfully blended teas we have something for everyone. Just choose from our options below.

  • Quality, hassle free coffee to keep you going

    • Lynx
    • Ground & Bean-to-cup Coffee
    • Incup
    • Fresh Cup


At 2468 we know washroom maintenance isn’t something you want to devote a lot of time to. That’s why we’ll look after it for you. All our washroom products are fully guaranteed and are manufactured to the highest standards. 2468 offer a full range of products from feminine hygiene units, air fresheners, hand drying solutions, hand care products, paper products and vending machines.

  • Fresh solutions for your business

    • Hygiene Services
    • Odour Control
    • Consumables
    • Hand dryers


We know not every place of work has access to convenience stores and that’s where our vending services come in. We offer a range of snacks and beverages to keep your employees ticking over until dinner time. We’ll service these regularly so you never run out of your favourite drink or snack.

  • Your choice at your fingertips

    • Coffee
    • Confectionary
    • Drinks

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