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We provide workplace services - coffee, water, snacking and washroom services - designed to help create a better employee and customer experience. Because when people are happier, eat better, hydrate and feel better – they do better.


Coffee plays an important role in today’s workplace.

At 2468 we see a coffee station as an opportunity to offer not just great coffee but a chance for employees to take time out, connect, and collaborate. We care about coffee so much we bought our own roastery, Ferns of Covent Garden. And we’ve developed a range of workplace coffee spaces to suit different spaces. Talk to us or see below for more.

  • Our coffee

    We believe that coffee is at the heart of great collaborations and the working day. We source and roast our own beans, for Ferns our coffee brand.
    And because we roast to order for our customers, our beans are the freshest arabica and robusta blends around.

    We have developed a range of coffee stations for different spaces and workplaces, which are designed to engage users, encourage time out and inspire collaboration.


Plumbed-in or bottle water units, or our exclusive bag-in-box system, our coolers mean employees can stay hydrated easily and safely. And being hydrated is vital for their mood and performance, as well as providing those classic water cooler moments of connection. Our units make optimum use of space, they’re hygienic, and require zero maintenance. It’s a no-brainer really.

  • Fresh water in a cost effective way

    • Bag in Box Bottled water
    • POU Water coolers
    • Bottled water



We’re for snacking! Providing access to sustaining and varied snacks will allow employees to refuel to maintain mood & energy.

Our snack machines are smart too. We use vending tech to maintain stock levels, report on usage, deliver nutritional info to users, and make payments easier. Our routine servicing ensures you never run out of your favourite drinks & snacks.

  • Healthy and fun snacks & drinks

    Research suggests that smaller snacks throughout the day are better for digestive health, than periods of hunger followed by large meals.

    It’s the nibble philosophy which we support through 24/7 sustenance for employees. We offer a range of snacks, from those which are ‘good for you’, some which are ‘better for you’ and some which are ‘fun for you’. Because after all, what’s a week without a little joy?


We offer a full washroom equipment and maintenance service. All of our washroom products are fully guaranteed and are manufactured to the highest standards. Our range includes feminine hygiene units, air fresheners, hand drying solutions, hand care, paper and vending machines.

But we view a washroom as more than a utility, because we understand that your employees and guests do too. Scroll down to read more.

  • We care about the details that transform a washroom into a sanctuary for employees, and customers. Aura stands for the use of design to create the right Ambience, delivering an efficient and hygienic Utility. This is a place to Refresh and re-energise, using the latest in air filtration and fragrance to create an Aroma which renews. Talk to us about introducing AURA to transform your washroom experience.

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